Beach on the Ocean

by John Bowman

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released July 1, 2011

The Musicians:
John Bowman: lead vocals, lead guitar
Hollis Morgan: resophonic guitar
Kristine St. Pierre: harmony vocals
Mark St. Jean: harmonica
Tobias Meis: bass

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Constant Sound Studio, Ottawa, ON
Photography by Diane Bowman and Kate Morgan
Cover design by Kate Morgan



all rights reserved


John Bowman Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Would You Wait For Me
Would You Wait for Me? September 2010

Would you wait for me?
Til the sun goes down
Til it gets so dark there’s nothing left to put your arms around
Would you wait for me?
When it’s pourin’ down
When the water runs so high you can’t even touch the ground
Would you wait for me?
For an eternity
Til you’ve waited for so long you can’t remember what you came to see

Would you wait for me
When I’ve lost my way
When the good times end and there’s a bill to pay
Would you wait for me
At the end of the day what would you say?

Would you wait for me?
Through the smoke and flame
Would you stand your ground when all around they run the other way
Would you wait for me?
In a hurricane
When the winds take what you have so fast you barely feel the pain

Would you wait for me when I’ve lost my way …..

Would you wait for me?
When I’m on the road
While you sit at home alone no one helping you to carry the load
Would you wait for me?
When I’m old and tired
When my body moves so slow feels like I’m stuck here in the mud and mire

Would you wait for me when I've lost my way....
Track Name: Restless Heart
Restless Heart November, 2010

She thought that she would be a famous actress
Or a model in a fashion magazine
Now it feels like time has passed her by
She spends her life just getting by
And hopes there’s something better down the line

She’s got a restless heart
Like the waves on the ocean
A fire in her soul
That she can’t put out
She’s got a restless heart
Like a river flowing
Takes her where she’s going
Not where she wants to be

He used to play her love songs on his old guitar
She waited while he chased his dream on stage
But the hard times wore him down
And he had to take a steady job
Became someone she couldn’t be around

She’s got a restless heart ….

She’s travelled far and wide
Climbed mountain trails into the sky
She seized the day and night
All in the blink of an eye
So many years flying by

Now she lives alone with a cat or two for company
And follows the celebrities on TV
She doesn’t venture out too much
Her body’s tired, its had enough
But in the quiet of the night she finds some peace

She's got a restless heart....
Track Name: Just a Little
Just a Little January, 2011

Got a picture in my pocket
That I pull out from time to time
Reminds me what you looked like
When I could make you smile
Been six weeks on the road now
Trying to work my way to you
Don’t know what I’ll come home to
Haven’t got a clue

Don’t need too much of your love
Don’t need too much of your attention
Don’t need too much of your tenderness
Just a little
Just a little

You say I’m afraid to settle down
You may very well be right
There’s lots of time to settle down
When I’ve given up the fight
I know a lot of people
But I don’t have any friends
Can’t keep in touch with anyone
On a road that never ends

Don’t need too much …..

Got no one to complain to
About the choices that I made
No one there to listen
To what I have to say
Don’t want to die alone here
With nobody by my side
So I called you at this number
In you I will confide

Don’t need too much …… (repeat chorus)
Track Name: We're Gonna Sing Our Songs
We’re Gonna Sing Our Song April 2010

We never saw it coming
Never knew what would unfold
Never dreamed how much it changed us
Bringing a new life into this world
We hold the bundles in our arms
Then watched them spread their wings
Tried to help along the way
With what wisdom we could bring

We’re gonna sing our songs
And hope they didn’t turn out wrong
We’re gonna sing our songs
To you
They’ve gone from boys to men
On a path to who knows where
With their own songs to sing
Their dreams

It’s not an easy journey
There’s many bumps along the way
They’ve barely started walking
Before they’re running far away
You try to so hard to keep them safe
When that’s the last thing on their minds
They fight for independence
We just hang on for the ride

We’re gonna sing our songs ….

We scream and shout
Throw our arms about
We rage into the night
Then we settle down
Watch the world go ‘round
And hold on with all our might

Now we see them from a distance That they’ll learn from our mistakes
As they struggle to find their way That they’ll figure out what matters
Sometimes they follow in our footsteps Are the friendships that they make
Sometimes they run the other way
You hope they’ll find the easier road We’re gonna sing our songs …….
Track Name: Weight of the World
Weight of the World August 2010

When I look back at the years we’ve travelled over
All the things that seemed important at the time
The burdens that we placed upon our shoulders
The troubles that we faced along the line

It’s the weight of the world
Pressing down on me
It’s only through your love
That I can make it through the day
It’s the weight of the world
Sometimes it’s more than I can take
But when I hold you in my arms
All the madness fades away

I guess living wasn’t meant to be too easy
Stress and strife just seems to get in the way
And though they try to make our lives more simple
They can’t make any more hours in a day

It’s the weight of the world ….

We run from place to place
At such a hectic pace
I don’t always take the time to say
How much you mean to me

We’ll follow every road to where it leads
We’ll slay the dragons and set the princess free
We won’t spend time worrying about what might have been
We can’t change the past but we can always start again

It’s the weight of the world ……
Track Name: Town Full of Nothing
Town Full of Nothing January 2011

Travelling through the back roads
Pass through some little towns
A general store, an old stone church
Some houses gathered round
There used to be more traffic
New highway took it away
Most of the stores just closed their doors
They couldn’t make it pay
When you drive past and you look around
On your way to the city lights
You wonder why they live in a town full of nothing

If you take the time to stop awhile
Step inside the general store
You’d see Ed behind the counter
Where he’s been so many years before
He’d ask you how you’re doin’
Maybe tell a joke or two
Give you directions if you’re lost
Treat you like someone he knew
If you come by Sunday morning
Neighbours all gather at the church
Cause they love their little town full of nothing

Ed wonders how much longer he can hold out
Working such long hours for little pay
Big stores in the city sell for less than he can buy
But his neighbours they depend on him
So he’ll hang on, hope for better days

Big cities growing bigger, stretching out for miles
We live closer to our neighbours, but we don’t know who they are
Some live in isolation, yet there’s people all around
So many fall right through the cracks, disappear without a sound
When we look around our neighbourhood
We wish we had that bond
Of the people in that town full of nothing (repeat)
Track Name: Beyond This Job
Beyond This Job June, 2010

They gave me a nice watch
And some paper in a frame
That says I gave them thirty-one years of my life
I didn’t shed a tear
I was ready to be away from there
Time for someone with more energy
Who’s not blinded by how things used to be

There’s a life beyond this job
But it’s sometimes hard to see
This work it takes a toll on me
There’s a world beyond this job
It’s slowly coming back to me
It’s something more than what I do for pay

Hired me fresh out of school
Had no idea what I was coming to
Not a lot of training then
Threw you in, it was sink or swim
Learned a lot from the people I met
Helped them out or tried my best
Though many times my mind was on the job
When my body was at home

There’s a life beyond this job …..

The papers have been sorted
Desk drawers all cleaned out
Files all put in storage
Until someone throws them out
The pictures of my wife and kids
Come home with me tonight
Someone else will take my place
Will they lie awake at night?

There’s a life beyond this job ….. (repeat chorus)
Track Name: Beach on the Ocean
Beach on the Ocean February, 2010

When we were young we’d take our sons
To walk along the beach
Sometimes I’d hear them hum a tune over the crashing waves
Although we’d try to keep them close
They’d go running far away
Until they were just specks off in the distance, laughing and playing

On that beach on the ocean
That I’m hoping to find
Where the green waves roll to the shore
As we walk the tide line
Looking for the sea’s treasures
Something to hold in our hand
Some reminder of this place we’ve shared
Where our feet touched the sand

Sometimes we’d build a castle
Create an empire of sand
Only to watch the tide come in and wash it all away
Though the boys are young men now, the beach still calls our name
We look for coloured glass and agates glinting in the sun

On that beach on the ocean …….

I don’t know if there’s a heaven or some place that people go
When our time here on this earth passes like our footprints in the sand
But when we go a part of us will still be out there on that shore
And when the wind is right, you’ll hear us singing

On that beach on the ocean...
Track Name: This is My Home
This is My Home July 2009

When we were young, we couldn’t wait to leave home
Travelled around the country
Maybe settle for awhile until the work was done
Made our long lists of places we’d like to see
We made it to a few
Before we settled down to raise a family

This is my home
This is my place in the world
It’s where memories are stored
In these walls and floors
They keep me company when I’m alone
This is my home
Where ghosts still live in these rooms
Where I can close my eyes
And look back in time
And catch another glimpse of you

Kids grow up and move away
Some close by, others far away
Now there’s all this extra space
And this stuff we’ve collected to fill the place
Fishing rods and pairs of skates
Old guitars and record players
Board games that we never played
I should clean all this out some day

This is my home …….

Now there’s only one place at the table
Only one towel on the rack
She’s been gone for over a year now
Only in my dreams can I bring her back
My kids say I should move out of here
To a residence close by
Where they cook your meals and wash your clothes
And wait for you to die

This is my home...
Track Name: All I Want is You
All I Want is You January, 2011

So many things
Piled up beneath the Christmas tree
So much more than what we need
Doesn’t matter much to me
I’m where I want to be, ‘cause

All I want is you
There’s nothing you can buy me
That will take my breath away
Like the feeling of your body next to mine
All I want is you

We’ve done alright
We’ve got the things we need to live our life
A place we can call home when day is done
We’ve shared a laugh or two along the way
But I’m not joking when I say

All I want ……

I’ll share with you all of the time that remains
The joy and the sorrow, the laughter, the pain
I’ll follow you where the roads come to an end
And I’d do it all over again

We’ll take our time
We’ve earned the right to stop along the way
To savour the small pleasures that life brings
To search for beauty and try to hold it close
But I don’t have to search too far, ‘cause

All I want.....
Track Name: A Place in My Heart
A Place in My Heart July 2009

It wasn’t long ago
I held them in my arms
They started to walk
And we had to run to keep them from harm
Reading those story books
The same ones time after time
Walking the trails of the mountains
To see how far we could climb

There’s a place in my heart for each of you
I carry it with me everywhere I go
This world can be hard, but it can also be beautiful
Just like watching you grow

Looking back on the teenage years
I don’t know how we survived
Tryin so hard to be different
Walking the edge of every line
So much pressure to act like a man
When you were still a boy
Hearing all about your hopes and dreams
The sadness and the joy

There’s a place in my heart …….

Now you’re out on your own
Making your way in the world
Trying to understand how a woman thinks
If you find out you can let me know
Still trying to figure out
What you want to be when you grow up
The only thing I can tell you
You can be anything if you want it enough

There’s a place in my heart ……
Track Name: Can't Let it Go
Can’t Let It Go March, 2011

I’ve been sitting here for hours
Waitin’ for your call
Been waiting since you last walked out that door
Told me you were leaving
You swore you’d stay forever
Forever hasn’t come
I’m holding you to the promise that you made
I’m lost without you

It’s hard to keep on smiling through the pain
When her voice it keeps on burning through my brain
This movin’ on is harder than you know
I just can’t let it go

Tell me what you need I’ll buy it
Need me to change I’ll try it
Want me to look you in the eye and say I’m sorry
You know I’ll do it

It’s hard to keep on …….

I’ll come home early every night to you
Take you dancing when you want me to
Swallow my pride and crawl on my knees
If you just come back to me

It's hard to keep on...
Track Name: You Can't Change Me
You Can’t Change Me August 2010

You can dress me up, take me on the town
You can hold my hand walk me around
You can dream I’m your king and you’re my queen
Just as long as you know that you can’t change me

You can tell me all the things you want me to do
I’ll try my best to come through for you
Just don’t ask me to act like someone I can’t be
You’ve got to accept that you can’t change me

Cause you know that I’ve got my faults
My funny ways of doing things
What I am is what you see
I’m not something made of clay
To be shaped a different way

We’ve stuck together for so many years
I know your dreams, you know my fears
Now we fit together like some old blue jeans
Because you know that you can’t change me

Now we don’t know what the future holds
We just hang on let our lives unfold
We’ve set our course walking hand in hand
You can change your hair
You can change your shoes
You can change your dreams
But you can't change me